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1. Upon joining this community, you must submit an application (don't forget to lj-cut!). The members will vote and if the majority like you, you're in!
2. Don't piss off the mods, moonchange, clareybeary18 and throwacat. At the same time, don't be afraid of the mods.
3. Participate in the discussions once you're in.
4. Love musical theatre.

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Please make your answers as succinct as possible. It's alright to expand and please knock yourself out when prompted to back up answers, but we want your solid opinion, no fluff.
General Information--Just regular information, not very hard
5 Shows You've Seen (Movies Do Not Count):

Favorites--A way to get to know your musical theatre flavor.
Favorite Musical:
Least Favorite Musical:
Favorite Composer:
Least Favorite Composer:
Favorite Song:
Least Favorite Song:
Favorite Role You've Played (if you don't perform, just put n/a):
Favorite Actor:
Favorite Actress:

Opinion Questions--Answer these questions with much detail!

Who is you favorite character in A Chorus Line, and why?
Why do people (or you, if you feel this way) hate Andrew Lloyd Webber!? Elaborate.
If you could be in any musical, which would it be, and who would you play? why?
What do you think makes someone a good actor?
What makes someone a good singer? (beyond having a well trained, "pretty voice")</b>
Do you think the recycling of common themes and plots of Broadway shows with movies of the same title and story is leading to the decline of Broadway? (and we know that recycling is common but I'm talking about the kind where the book is the same as the movie script therefore not really changing anything and making a movie for the theater-goers.)
Will you get annoyed if people ask you for audition pieces or sore throat remedies?
How do you feel about broadway bootlegs?

Good Old-Fashioned Quiz--It's OK if you don't know all the answers.
Please spell the word used in "The I Love You Song" from Spelling Bee that means "highly unrealistic, wildly fanciful."
What other role (beside Fabrizio) did Matthew Morrison from The Light in the Piazza originate on Broadway?
In Les Mis what's Valjean's ID#?
Who originally played the title role in Brooklyn the Musical?
BONUS!!How did you hear about this community?
Why do you want to be a member?

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Have fun!
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