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I don't know how many of you live in central Florida, but just in case...

There is a musical theater community and it is effing AWESOME. Last night, I attended something called Cabaret Party, which involves musical theater obsessees singing to each other with a BRILLIANT pianist on hand (seriously, he can play ANYTHING), the 'shmedley" which starts and ends with a song from a particular musical (Last night it was South Pacific) and is just people handing the pianist book after book, and the ENTIRE CROWD sings a verse or two of one song and then goes on to the next. The schmedley last night was almost 45 minutes. It was incredible. I've never experienced so much theater-love in one room. It was in a coffee shop, so there was all kinds of coffee, a decent selection of wine (so I'm told, I don't drink it), and a rather lousy selection of beer (if you're a beer snob like me). It's unspeakably fun.

For more information...

Read the blog for an idea of what people sang. Everyone was so talented and friendly (and knowledgable!), it's amazing. Really. I wish I had had batteries for my camera...There was so much last night that needed to be documented. Seriously though, if you live in the area and you love musical theater, you absolutely have to come to this thing. Its worth the hour and a half on I-4 or a drive across the state.
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