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Community profile says it's optional, but I want to anyway.

General Information
Name: Lily
Age: 17
Location: Lafayette, California
5 Shows You've Seen (Movies Do Not Count): Cats, Avenue Q, Gypsy, The Lion King, Rent

Favorites--A way to get to know your musical theatre flavor.
Favorite Musical: I don't think I really have one. I'll say..The Rocky Horror Show.
Least Favorite Musical: Jesus Christ Superstar
Favorite Composer: I'm gonna get shot for this, but..Andrew Lloyd Webber. Sondheim's probably second.
Least Favorite Composer: Rodgers & Hammerstein
Favorite Song: "Out Tonight" from Rent, "Tonight" from West Side Story, "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror Show
Least Favorite Song: "Jesus Christ Superstar" from...Jesus Christ Superstar, "If Mama Was Married" from Gypsy, "The Party's Over" from Bells Are Ringing
Favorite Role You've Played (if you don't perform, just put n/a): Ensemble in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Favorite Actor: John Partridge, John Cameron Mitchell, Anthony Rapp
Favorite Actress: Idina Menzel, Joanna Gleason, Kristin Chenoweth

Opinion Questions--Answer these questions with much detail!

Who is you favorite character in A Chorus Line, and why?
I haven't seen A Chorus Line, actually.
Why do people (or you, if you feel this way) hate Andrew Lloyd Webber!? Elaborate. He utilizes the same type of musical formulas/songs in a lot of his shows, doesn't have much focus on characterization, and writes musicals about very specific things that aren't very relatable.
If you could be in any musical, which would it be, and who would you play? why? Into the Woods, and the Witch or the Baker's Wife. I've always thought that it would be an awesome show to be in, and the Witch and the Baker's Wife are both amazing characters.
What do you think makes someone a good actor? Being convincing and natural enough in a role that the audience can believe what they're seeing on stage. It shouldn't seem like they're 'performing', it should seem like they actually are that character.
What makes someone a good singer? (beyond having a well trained, "pretty voice") Being able to carry on their character's emotion and the flow of the scene while singing.
Do you think the recycling of common themes and plots of Broadway shows with movies of the same title and story is leading to the decline of Broadway? (and we know that recycling is common but I'm talking about the kind where the book is the same as the movie script therefore not really changing anything and making a movie for the theater-goers.) Nope. Movies are not equal to live theatre. Whatever the amount of change between the book and script, it's still an adaptation.
Will you get annoyed if people ask you for audition pieces or sore throat remedies? No. It would make me feel knowledgeable. XD
How do you feel about Broadway bootlegs? If it's in a situation where legitimate recordings or whatever are extremely rare or non-existent, they're permissible. Otherwise..I'd say just go buy the album/see the show.

Good Old-Fashioned Quiz--It's OK if you don't know all the answers.
Please spell the word used in "The I Love You Song" from Spelling Bee that means "highly unrealistic, wildly fanciful."
Ehehe..I know next to nothing about Spelling Bee.
What other role (beside Fabrizio) did Matthew Morrison from The Light in the Piazza originate on Broadway? No idea.
In Les Mis what's Valjean's ID#? Also no idea. *fail*
Who originally played the title role in Brooklyn the Musical? No clue.
BONUS!!How did you hear about this community? I typed 'Dracula' in Interest search. XD Oddly enough, I had been thinking the day before that I needed to find a musical theatre-related community.
Why do you want to be a member? So I can geek out about theatre stuff and have people know what I'm talking about.

Feel free to berate me on my lack of taste and knowledge of classic musicals. ;]
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