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re: need list for research

Hello new friends in theatre......

I am conducting research for an article I'll be presenting at the Musical Theatre Conference this October in Kent, UK. My area is in "intimate musical theatre" - specifically, shows with cast sizes of 5 members or less, beginning with the Fantasticks and this major shift in size and production costs in the 60s after the "golden age" of the mega-musical during the 40s, 50s, early 60s. Anyone have access to a list of small-cast musicals since 1952 or so? This would be a great help.

My paper is focused primarily on Fantasticks, I Do! I Do!, Putting It Together, John and Jen, and The Last Five Years - as far as analysis and comparison study goes. Any insight or research already in existence would be appreciated if anyone has such. I'm an assistant professor of music/voice/choral at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

thanks for the help!
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