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meeting broadway stars

I don't know how many of you are legally allowed into bars yet, but if/when you're legally allowed in a bar and you happen to find yourself in New York City, there is one place every theater lover absolutely cannot miss.

Marie's Crisis is a tiny little bar in the Village where (mostly) older gay men sing showtunes around an old upright piano all night. Good luck finding it, but I swear upon the genius of Stephen Sondheim it's worth it.

I was there for my second time on Sunday night, and had an experience I have to share with people who would actually appreciate what it meant, even if the chain of events didn't happen exactly the way I remember them. I wasn't drinking (for a number of reasons), but I was still out of it.

The crowd dwindled down a little while after they changed pianists, and I was terrified I'd come all that way for them to call it an early night. Adam, the young guy, is more entertaining than the guy with the glasses (Tim?) but I think the guy with the glasses was a better pianist. After a while, it's just the pianist and I and he's playing stuff I really love. We sang A Man of No Importance. I sang Back to Before from Ragtime and everyone loved it.

I don't remember when he came in. I didn't recognize him. But after a time a bunch of people started filtering in and I'm introduced to this guy who says his name is Alan. And the first thing I think of to say is, "Oh, that's my brother's name." We talk for a while and I get another water and I'm singing and having a grand time and then this cute little gay boy asks me if I know who his friend is. And I did not. He looked vaguely familiar, but I was still very much in my happy place. Turns out his friend is...


He sang Wilkomen aproximately five feet away from me, this huge broadway star, singing around a piano with the likes of ME. I thought I was going to die. I'm pretty sure I did. I went outside to smoke (I never smoke) and called my roommate in Chicago, the one person who would actually appreciate that sort of thing. This calmed me down a bit. But STILL. ALAN. CUMMING. GAH.

At one point towards the end, everyone was singing Suddenly Seymore and asked me what it was from, cos I was singing along (to the chorus) and asked me what it was from. ME!

Two of the girls in the cast of his show at Lincoln Center complimented my singing. And the guy who had told me who he was brought him over and said how cute I was and how I could sing. I wish it meant more to me than it did. At one point we were standing in front of each other (um, Alan Cumming and I, that is) and singing at the top of our lungs. Oh. And when we left the bar, he hugged me. He smelled good. And he kissed me, too. :D)

I wish I'd had my camera, but some people I was with had taken pictures, so I hope I get them. He was SO SWEET. I wasn't very familiar with his work outside Cabaret, but I think I love him now. :D)
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