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application: cause i'm a good ol' fashioned gal.

Please make your answers as succinct as possible. It's alright to expand and please knock yourself out when prompted to back up answers, but we want your solid opinion, no fluff.
General Information--Just regular information, not very hard
Name: Alex Pasillas
Age: 17
Location: El Paso, Texas, but I'll be in New York starting Tuesday for my summer. :D
Shows You've Seen (Movies Do Not Count):
B'Way: Tarzan, Spelling Bee, History Boys, Spamalot, Spring Awakening, Company, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, In the Heights, and The Lion King.
Producers, Phantom.
High schools:
42nd Street, Phantom: a New American Musical, Into the Woods too many times to count, Joseph and the Amzing Technicolor Dreamcoat, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Dead Man Walking, The Diary of Anne Frank, William Shakespeare's The Tempest, Anatomy of Gray, Aladdin, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, The Exonerated, The Crucible, Anything Goes, The Pajama Game, The Elephant Man, A Company of Wayward Saints, A Christmas Carol, Little hop of Horrors, Once Upon a Mattress, La Boheme, and more, but I'm too lazy to pull out old programs.
Colleges: Rocky Horror Picture Show, A Chorus LIne, The Taffetas, Aida, Cats, Urinetown.

Favorites--A way to get to know your musical theatre flavor.
Favorite Musical: The Last Five Years/ Company/ Spring Awakening/ Sunday in the Park With George/ See What I Wanna See [I can't choose.]
Least Favorite Musical: 42nd Street. [gag]
Favorite Composer: Sondheim, Jason Robert Brown, Michael John LaChuisa, Cole Porter
Least Favorite Composer: Eh, I give everyone a chance. :) But, err. Elton John and I guess, Mr. Webber. I really did not like Lestat. At all.
Favorite Song: See, I'm Smiling [L5Y]/ Light in the East-Finale Act I [See what i Wanna See]/ Brown Bettey [The Color Purple]
Least Favorite Song: The Song that Goes Like This [Spamalot!]
Favorite Role You've Played (if you don't perform, just put n/a): tiny in anatomy of gray
Favorite Actor: Raul Esparza, Alan Cumming, Tim Curry, John Gallagher Jr., Norbert Leo Butz.
Favorite Actress: Bernadette Peters, Sherie Rene Scott, Babara Walsh, Idina Menzel.

Opinion Questions--Answer these questions with much detail!

Who is you favorite character in A Chorus Line, and why? Cassie. Her complex relationship with Zach makes me swoon and relive oldoldold memories with someone. And I feel like her, but with stage-managing.. She overwhelms me with recollections of my past high school years. And, Diana. Because I love how she expresses how hard it is to improve! [I suckkkkkk, by the way.]
Why do people (or you, if you feel this way) hate Andrew Lloyd Webber!? Elaborate. I don't. They hate him because they feel like he's passe and he's only doing what he loves. Those who feel like that should build a bridge and get over it.
If you could be in any musical, which would it be, and who would you play? why? I would dieeeee to be Cathy from The Last 5 Years. I love her lines and her feminist ideals and how she's snarky and committed. Either her or Dot from Sunday in the Park with George. She is cynical, loving, warm, sarcastic and I love the character's appeal to men. :D Or, ah, same type of woman, but Joanne from Company. Goddamn, that woman makes me smile seven ways from Sunday.
What do you think makes someone a good actor? Cockiness is never fun for your fellow actors.
What makes someone a good singer? You have to know how to act with your voice. Otherwise you'd be better off being fat and doing old fashioned opera in the late century.
Do you think the recycling of common themes and plots of Broadway shows with movies of the same title and story is leading to the decline of Broadway? (and we know that recycling is common but I'm talking about the kind where the book is the same as the movie script therefore not really changing anything and making a movie for the theater-goers.) Eh. I'm over that. I just like to own stuff to relive the musical. Sweeney Todd so let me down, but who am I to complain. :P
Will you get annoyed if people ask you for audition pieces or sore throat remedies? Nah. But I like sore throats. And I hardly sing, so.. good luck with me.
How do you feel about broadway bootlegs? Thank you, but seriously, you didn't pay for the fucking [SORRY!] expensive video rigths, so you better leave that damn camcorder AT HOME. Go record a fucking movie instead. Broadway is for the stage and not for the couch.

Good Old-Fashioned Quiz--It's OK if you don't know all the answers.
Please spell the word used in "The I Love You Song" from Spelling Bee that means "highly unrealistic, wildly fanciful." Chimerical. That song made me cry. So did the Asian Jesus. :D He hit my hand when he came out of the doors. But, I loveloveloved the Counselor. -slurrrp-
What other role (beside Fabrizio) did Matthew Morrison from The Light in the Piazza originate on Broadway? Wait. LINK. Aw, man I thought I didn't know this one.
In Les Mis what's Valjean's ID#? hmmmm. uhhh. 26401, yo. My theatre director has the shirt. :P
Who originally played the title role in Brooklyn the Musical? :D Dude, Eden Espinoza!
BONUS!!How did you hear about this community? Interests. :D
Why do you want to be a member?
I adore musical theatre and my teachers frequently refer to me when they're introducing me to someone as a "theatre dork, this one."
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